About Sarda Group

Sarda Group is a progressive family run business house with the 3rd and 4th generation now taking care of the businesses. It is one of the most reputed business houses of Nepal having an annual turnover of over 20 million USD and a history of over 100 years.

The nature of our organization is to reach excellence in all the fields we enter and to expand and grow our business in the most efficient manner. The Groups has one Chairman, 2 Directors and 4 CEOs. The entire team is highly qualified academically. The team consists of -

  • Nandkishore Sarda, Chairman, B.Sc from Darbangha University, Bihar (1966)
  • Shyam Sunder Sarda, Director, B.E in Mechanical Engineering from Motilal Nehru regional engineering College, Allahabad (1974)
  • Mahesh Sarda, Director, B.A. from Calcutta University (1986)
  • Sunil Sarda, CEO, MBA from Oregon University, Oregon, USA (1996)
  • Anil Sarda, CEO, B.E in Industrial Sciences from RVCE College Bangalore (1998)
  • Madhusudan Sarda, BE in Computer Sciences, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Massachussets Institute of Technology, Boston, USA (2000)
  • Punit Kumar Sarda, CEO, BE in Computer Sciences from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore (2003)

The group is currently engaged in manufacturing of various types of Steel wire, Steel Pipes, Electrical cables & wires ("Pioneer" brand), Plastic Sheets & Pipes, Rubber compounds & Rice Rubber Rolls, Sanitary Napkins and Baby Diapers, Food Grains and Oils. The group also has substantial investments and interests in Nepal´s leading Insurance Companies and Banks as promoters of such institutions.

The group also has also started operations in India with a new plant for making Steel Gabions and Geotextiles in Himachal Pradesh. The group enjoys excellent reputation with all the leading banks of Nepal. The mission of our organization is to learn, serve and grow.


Financial Information

The total turnover of SARDA GROUP in 2008-09 was USD 20 million. Attached please find the “Credit information” of the group from the two leading Nepalese banks Standard Chartered Bank of Nepal and Nabil Bank.