Award & CSR Activities

Since long Sarda Group is known to be part of many social service projects. Way back in 1930s when there was famine in our region in Nepal, there is a folklore that our great grandfathers fed hungry people by hundreds for weeks.

In 1978, the group built an Eye hospital ¨Ram Kumar Sarda Uma Prasad Murarka Eye Hospital¨ in the then remote part of Nepal called Lahan (Siraha District) the place where our ancestors came from. The hospital was donated to the Government of Nepal for which our Group Chairman was awarded with the highest Civilian Award, the Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu ´Pratham´. The following picture shows HMG the Late King Birendra and HMG the Late Queen Aishwarya awarding the award to the group´s Chairman, Mr Nandkishore Sarda.

Recently in the 1990s, the group built a public hall and guest house in Lahan for marriage parties for the underprivileged.

The group company ¨Pioneer Care Pvt. Ltd. is a partner in the NMARC-AED Project funded by USAID for promotion of condoms and awareness for AIDS. It is also affiliated to the FPAN Project for the under privileged children co-ordinated also by USAID.

The group consistently contributes to social cause, programs and religious functions done for public benefit.