Jasmine Hygiene Products

Jasmine is Nepal’s first manufacturer of sanitary pads and the only manufacturer of baby diapers. Its ´Safety´ brand of sanitary napkins and ´Cuddlers´ diapers are Nepal´s market leader in its product categories.

To say that we are the creators of market of sanitary napkins in Nepal would be an understatement. From selling home-to-home and programming awareness campaigns in schools of Nepal, we are now the market leader in Nepal not only in terms of market share but also in introduction of new products. J&J and P&G are the second and third biggest player in Nepalese market.

Sanitary Pads
We have a wide variety to offer from the low cost pulp based regular pads to the Extra Large 320 mm Aloe Vera added Ultrathin napkins.

I Shape and T Shape Diapers
We have the latest technology to make both traditional I shape Diapers and the very new T shape diapers currently introduced by the leading MNCs such as P&G and J&J under brand name pampers and Huggies. Our state of the art high speed machines is suitable to make full featured full option diapers.

Magic Nickers and Nappy Pads
Not only diapers, we are manufacturing MAGIC NICKERS and NAPPY PADS!!

Advantage For Indian Buyers
As a part of the Free Trade and Transit treaty between India and Nepal, Indian importers do not have any Import Duty for buying any item from Nepal. The goods are sent in truck loads by road direct delivery to the importers godown so there are no hassles of port clearing etc. much cost and time can be saved if bought from Jasmine Hygiene Products.

Advantage For Overseas Buyers
Many countries all over the world can import form Nepal without having to pay any import duties. Please checked with the concerned department whether this waiving of duty is applicable in your country

We are OEM Specialists whether you require bulk packaging in loose or jumbo packs, or packs of 10’s or 5’s or even 2’s or 1’s packets, we can provide you all the packaging solutions with our automatic packing lines.

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