Pashupati Tube Mills

It manufactures various kinds of steel pipes and profiles from HR and CR coils. Undoubtedly, a market leader, Pashupati is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated plant and machinery. The industry has been recognized as an excellent producer of quality products such as MS Black Pipes, Shutter Profiles, Side Guides, not only in the domestic market but in the extremely competitive Indian market as well. Pashupati Tubes Mills is well equipped with most sophisticated and automatic tube manufacturing machines and testing laboratory. Presently, Black Pipes are manufactured from ½" NB size to 21/2" NB using sophisticated induction welding process.

As a result, the industry is exporting a good portion of its total production to India. It is the first company to have obtained the 'ISI’ Mark as per IS 3601 in the steel tube segment. This stand as testimony to the quality of Pashupati’s products and the fact that it is second to none in the competitive steel industry of Nepal.