Pioneer Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Establishing its various divisions of trade successfully, Sarda Group has also ventured into the field of "value added" liaison and representation work. Pioneer Consultancy, a subsidiary of Sarda Group is an engineering, consultancy and information technology firm operating in the field of communication systems.

Some of the services provided by Pioneer Consultancy are as follows:-

Provide all necessary information about forthcoming tender and/or project well in advance; even before the publication of the official documents.

After an official tender invitation, provide all necessary data and information so that the principals can prepare a realistic as well as a competitive offer. In cases where
pre-qualification tenders are involved, assistance is provided in preparing the pre-qualification tenders.

Mobilize effective local lobbying support at all levels necessary to help the principals secure the contract.

In the event of order or contract award, assist the principals in the execution of contracts and also ensure timely receipt of payments from the clients.

The company is keen to build strategic alliances with companies interested in exploiting the potentials and opportunities prevailing in the IT and Telecom industry of Nepal.